The show was held on Jan. 20 - 22, 2021.

Scene from Day 1 (Jan. 20)

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Japan’s largest smart factory solution exhibition!

180 Speakers on Smart Factory Solutions!

*including concurrent shows

<Keynote Session Speaker> *Honorific omitted.

Teiji Hirata
Alliance Global VP, Corporate Vice President,
Vehicle Production Engineering and Development
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.



Hiroaki Kuwahara
Representative Director
PTC Japan K.K.

Thorough measures against Covid-19

Taking body temperature one by one

Anti-splash sheets installed at reception

Hand sanitizers at all the exhibition entrances

Station a doctor and nurse all time at the venue for emergency


Concurrent Shows

Upcoming Shows: Nagoya, Oct. 2021 / Tokyo, Jan. 2022.

Please visit both Nagoya and Tokyo Editions.