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Media Partners

MFG is a magazine for producers and manufacturers. The 45th anniversary of the publication of the magazine in 2018, it is the first domestic magazine specialized in domestic manufacturing technology.

<FA journal>
We provide not only technical trend, best solutions in automation sites, presenting direction of smart Factory industry in Korea.

<CHOM DAN, Inc.> 
Established in 1973, Chomdan is publishing 7 different print magazines and smart magazine in technical field. Also, we are total media group as the only to provide to information through technical specialty web magazine portal ‘Hello T’ in industrial field. Under editorial licensing agreement with top ranked global publishers. Chomdan magazines have become the most influential media group in Korea offering the latest information on technology and products, and its advertising service is well recognized at home and abroad

<Embedded News>
Embedded News is a single embedded technology news optimized for engineers, software developers, who design and develop MCU, embedded board, DSP, SoCs. Embedded News is offering practical information through its categorized section: Feature Story, Technical Feature, Industry Outlook, Product Update.

Since its first edition in 1988, EP&C has been a single professional magazine for electronic components industry. It delivers engineers and engineering management overall rapid and accurate information of electronic industry comprising from design, manufacture, application of electronic components and semiconductor to electronic materials and production equipment at home and abroad.

ITBizNews is 'Information Technology (IT)' online newspaper optimized for engineers, software developers and technical managers of embedded systems in IT industry.
We are offering practical information for business, covering a wide range of areas including the embedded system, IoT industry, automotive, semiconductor and enterprise sector, also these days focus on artificial intelligence(AI) and autonomous vehicles too.

<Digital Daily>
The Digital Daily is an IT-specialized Internet newspaper founded on May 17, 2005 to remove the limitations of the existing IT media and provide accurate and fast information.

<OFweek> is one of the professional portals of the AI industry. Since its establishment, it has been committed to building an authoritative and professional online media platform, providing comprehensive and timely information, enterprise news, technical products and other information for industry players and users from security, finance, medical, industrial, education, robotics, transportation as well as other fields, creating an AI website with in-depth influence, as well as building a timely and effective communication channel for enterprises and customers.

Gongkong ® was founded in 1999 at the beginning of China's heavy chemical industry and industrialization process, and grew into a golden decade of the rise of China's manufacturing industry. As a government-recognized service platform for China's manufacturing industry, China industrial control network has been awarded "top 10 industry websites in China", and is the governing unit of China intelligent manufacturing system solution provider alliance and the chief cooperative expert unit of the think tank of investment promotion bureau of the Ministry of Commerce.
Gongkong ® has been dedicated to the Internet services of automation and informatization of China's manufacturing industry for a long time. As the founder of Internet + services in the field of automation and informatization of China's manufacturing industry, it is a professional Internet service platform with symbolic significance of the industry, and more importantly, it is an importer of business models, an optimization and builder of the industry.

<36Kr Japan>
36Kr Japan brings Chinese technology business news to Japan, looking to bridge the two countries' innovation ecosystems and facilitate business exchanges and expansions between them. In 2019, we announced the Global Strategic Partnership between 36Kr & NIKKEI, expanding our reach to more audiences around the world.

DIGITIMES is a unique information source for readers who need to know about the supply side of the semiconductor, electronics, computer and communications industries. Daily coverage of Taiwan’s IT companies and news provide a lifeline to IT professionals, investment analysts and media worldwide.

It has been almost sixty years since Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association(TEEMA) was founded in 1948. In accordance with the spirit of “Excellence in innovation and Service Comes First”, all the staffs of TEEMA provide to the member manufacturers diversified and thoughtful services to meet their needs in the industrial, technological, trade, legal, training, international and Mainland China events. In addition to being commended by the clients for our endeavors, TEEMA is the first industrial organization that was certified with ISO9001:2000.

<Materialsnet> website and Industrial Materials Magazine, sponsored by ITRI of Taiwan which is a non-profit R&D organization engaging in applied research and technical service, are uniquely professional materials platform and focus on the IC Packaging, Electronic and Optoelectronic materials technologies. It maximizes readers and exhibitor's need.

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