• 12 - 14 February, 2020
  • Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

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Tour Partners

Here are Travel Agents who organise tours to the 2020 show.


Guangzhou Hua yue rong Exhibition co., LTD

"Hua Yue Rong" is a professional exhibition service agency in China, engaging in the international exhibition, visit exhibition, business investigation and convention tour.
After years of accumulation, "Hua Yue Rong" enjoys the local resources in many countries. Insisting on the business concept of "road building, bridge erection, cooperation and co-winning" and based on the business principles of "services for the enterprises and customers", "Hua Yue Rong" organizes Chinese enterprises to go out and foreign enterprises to come in, and assists in providing favorable team tickets, exit visa, conference venues in different countries, vehicles, tour guide and other services.
“花粤蓉”是国内专业的国际会展、参观展会、商务考察、会议旅游的展览服务机构。 多年一直秉承“铺路、架桥、合作、共赢”的经营理念,本着为“为企业服务为客户服务”的经营宗旨,组织中国的企业走出去,境外的企业走进来,协助提供优惠的团队机票、出国签证、各国会议场地、车、导游等服务。


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Tibro (sister concern of Orbit Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.) provides a vast range of trade fair packages to its customers with its extensive experience of over 30 years in executing trade fair tours.
Tibro offers industry-specific trade fair tour packages inclusive of hotel stay,  Transfers, Meals with guidance on flight bookings and visa assistance.
Tibro specializes in giving its customers UNIQUE EXPERIENCE with visit to Factory or B2B meetings.


DY Business Travel

Since the establishment in 1993, DY Business Travel has provided specialized service for the overseas travelers who seek for business opportunities and professional training such as exhibition, convnetion, incentive tour rather than simple sightseeing.


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HanaTour is global No.1 Culture and Tourism Distribution Group. HanaTour MICE team offers business trip and MICE related services to corporate clients. Through business affiliations a global travel agency specializing in commercial affairs, it is growing to become the greatest travel agency for multinational commercial corporations in Korea.

하나투어는 세계 1위의 문화관광유통그룹입니다. 하나투어 MICE는 기업 고객에게 출장 및 MICE 관련 서비스를 제공합니다. 비즈니스 전문 글로벌 여행사와의 제휴를 통해 국내 다국적 기업들을 위한 최고의 여행사 입니다.


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The exhibition, which will be held under the sponsorship of Reed Exhibisions Japan Co., Ltd.,
It is an international trade show where all products related to R & D and new technology are displayed.

Nice Expo

Nice Expo Co., Ltd. has set up a travel agency for specialized business such as expositions, conferences, seminars and overseas market exploration since 1998, in view of the necessity of a travel agency for special purpose travelers in line with the rapidly changing world trade environment. , Business trips related to exhibitions & exhibitions, overseas market exploration and Provides relevant information. As a specialized travel agency for overseas expositions, we are proud of our efforts to strengthen our national competitiveness, acquire advanced technology,We are carrying out a wide range of travel business with three motto. We will do our best to contribute to the internationalization of companies and individuals by creating the best business travel service with professional talent and state-of-the-art system. We will not stop the efforts of Nice Expo Co., Ltd.  to be reborn as a company to meet the changes of the times, such as on-line and off-line system development and investment, and DB construction of overseas exposition information.

SHIN POONG Travel Service

Based on extensive experience and customer confidence, we are participating in overseas travel and exhibitions, hotel reservation, hotel, and visa operators.

The Best Tour co., Ltd.

'The Best Tour co., Ltd. has worked in the traveling business for the last 17 years in KOREA. We are providing traveling services such as company overseas training, airplane ticket, hotel reservation, package trip, individual trip, domestic and overseas training workshop and overseas business trip with knowhow accumulated for the last 15 years. We are providing domestic and overseas training and excellent employee awards, workshop and business trip reservation services as company management program. We have an employee who is involved in different kinds of travel services such as discounted airplane tickets and hotel reservation special packages. The Best Tour is professional at visiting domestic and overseas industries. We have a lot of knowhow in visiting overseas industries. We received the most excellent service award in 2012. The Best Tour will provide emotional travel services with high customer satisfaction and tailored travel system understanding and analyzing the needs of the customers correctly.